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Factor4 is a leading provider of omnichannel gift card and loyalty program solutions. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a Small to Mid-Sized Business (“SMB”), we have the flexibility to create a customized solution to fit your needs and achieve your goals.

Gift Card Conversion
Seamlessly Convert to our Gift Card Program.
Factor4 can take any existing provider’s gift cards and make them work on our system. We provide great customer service and offer more tools and revenue opportunities. We do all the work for the conversion process and handle all the details to make it easy for processors and merchants to convert to the industry’s best gift card platform.

If you are unhappy with your current gift card processor or are switching to a terminal/POS that your gift card provider doesn’t work with, convert your current card numbers over to our system. The benefits are that you can keep using your current gift cards, even if you’ve been issuing them for years. We are integrated with over 100 partners and have all the tools to help merchants increase sales and attract new customers.

All gift cards can be moved over to our system. Here’s what the gift card conversion process looks like:

  1. Send us a picture of your current gift card for testing- Front and Back please.
  2. We will confirm that your gift cards will work in our system. This is always a YES.
  3. Get a liability report from your current provider. The report should show the full card number and balance of all active gift cards. If this can be in excel format, that would be great. Or you can just give us the login to their reporting, and we will get the report.
  4. We will import all your active cards into our system so customers can redeem them. We will confirm all values and amounts and make sure this is completed in hours. That means no interruption to you or your customers.
  5. When you sell new cards (even the ones from your other provider), they will be
    added to the system when you swipe them

Gift Card AppOur Gift Card App is a big brand solution at asmall business price.It provides merchants with a contactlesspayments solution.

Merchant Benefits

  • Contactless payment functionality
  • App branded for each business
  • Omnichannel solution
  • Lower transaction fee

Customer Benefits

  • Pay by phone
  • Covid compliant functionality
  • Add value & check balance on mobile device
  • Seamless checkout

Our white label app will be branded with amerchant’s logo and colors.

Once approved, it will be loaded into the Apple store and The Google Play store. Each
merchant will then have a free mobile app that their customers can download for free.

Our app ties into a merchant’s existing in–store gift card program so they have an
Omnichannel solution. One program on all platforms – In store / Online / mobile – all in
one – Factor4.

Here’s how it works:
Login to App

Pay By Phone, Add Funds, or Check Balance

Add Funds

View Transaction History

Share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product, make announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

It takes Factor4 five business days orless to get a merchant up and running with theirown branded gift card app.


Factor4’s Community Gift Card Programs have helped many communities recover from Covid–19 closures and disruptions to businesses.

Community Gift Card Programs guarantee that grant funds offered by a city or county are spend directly within the local community. They provide the ability to control the use of funds while supporting local economies, residents, and businesses. Community Gift Card Programs are more important than ever to stimulate local economies.

Factor4 provides omnichannel Community Gift Card Programs that have the flexibility to be adapted to meet the needs of each community. Our programs feature plastic cards, eGift cards or both. Factor4’s web portal, www.mywebterminal.com, and our free gift card app enable easy issuance, redemption, and tracking for community gift card programs. Our technology enables community programs to provide contactless payments. We manage all aspects of the programs: design/production/set–up/training/customer service/funds transfer/reporting.

  • Ease of use
  • No POS integration needed
  • All merchants can participate in the program
  • No credit card fees to merchants on the redemption of gift cards
  • The communities/cities hold the funds until dispersed

Melissa Richard, City of West Fargo Communications Director said, “From the firstphone call, Factor4 became a partner dedicated toour success. As we started exploringthis program, we had a lot of questions about how we would be able to make this anenjoyable experience for the residents using the gift cards and businesses redeemingthe gift cards. Factor4 had a solution for every one of those questions, including real–time reporting and the ability to quickly reimburse participating businesses.”

Omnichannel Solution

Text, Email, or Mail Gift Cards to Recipient


Online gift card sales, both eGift and plastic, have grown exponentially as a result of changing consumer behavior and closures from Covid–19. Our Online Gift Card Solution enabled numerous merchants to stay afloat by generating much needed revenue from gift card sales while closed or reduced in capacity. It enabled them to capture more sales this past Holiday season since 75% of Americans shopped online. In 2021, eCommerce is expected to account for a record 18.9% of total holiday season retail sales showing this trend will continue to grow.

The trend is not just for the holiday season as buying behavior has shifted online. eGifts have experienced enormous growth and that will continue this year. Sales data from Blackhawk’s partners shows that sales of egifts sold on merchants’ websites in 2020 were up 74% over 2019. Our solution will help merchants capitalize on this permanent shift in buyer behavior.

A positive online user experience is essential to capture online gift card sales. Our solution provides merchants with a topnotch user experience that enables them to seamlessly sell gift cards right from their websites while adhering to social distancing practices.

Plastic gift cards will remain popular due to peoples’ desire to give a tangible gift. eGift cards will continue to grow due to their convenience, ease of purchase, immediate delivery, and the market shift towards online shopping. Selling gift cards online enables merchants to increase sales of gift cards from existing
customers as well as attract new customers. And it’s a great way to capture impulse sales.

Here’s How it Works

Our system sends an email with a PDF of the eGift card to be used at the merchant’s location. For sales of plastic gift cards, merchants can fulfill the orders themselves or utilize Factor4’s fulfillment services. Check out our Online Demo by clicking the button below to see how customers can purchase plastic and eGift cards. Our functionality enables merchants to set up various gift card promotions including discounts and bonus gift cards.

Complete the form below to have a representative from Factor4 contact you. Capture more sales from existing customers and gain new customers with our Online Gift Card Solution!

Merchants choose the solution best for their businesses. Both options enablemerchants to sell eGift and Plastic gift cards right from their websites.

Online Storefront PLUS

  • Customizable Branded Web Page
  • Set Up Fee For Creation Of Branded Web Page
  • Set Up In 5–6 Days


  • Standard Generic Web Page
  • No Set Up Fee
  • Set Up In 1–2 Days

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